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Altitude and Pressure Testing


At H&H Environmental Systems, we specialize in Altitude and Pressure testing, providing essential evaluations for components that operate under extreme atmospheric conditions. These tests are crucial for ensuring the safety and functionality of products during flights, particularly in unpressurized environments.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Our testing facilities are equipped to perform according to rigorous standards such as RTCA DO-160, which outlines conditions for testing airborne equipment. This compliance ensures that our testing methods are in line with industry expectations and provide results that are both reliable and recognized globally.

Advanced Altitude/Pressure Testing Capabilities

Our Altitude/Pressure chambers are capable of simulating both low and high-altitude conditions, including the atmospheric pressure and temperatures encountered during flight. For scenarios requiring the simulation of sudden cabin pressure loss, we have auxiliary rapid and explosive decompression equipment that can be attached to any of our altitude chambers. This versatility allows us to conduct a wide range of tests, from assessing the integrity of packaging and sealed devices to proving the functionality of components under emergency decompression scenarios.

Detailed Altitude and Pressure Test Reports

Upon the completion of testing, we provide clients with detailed reports that include all test parameters, conditions, and results. These documents are crucial for understanding how products behave under specific pressures and altitudes, aiding in the enhancement of design and manufacturing processes to meet stringent safety and quality standards.

Real-World Stressors and Industry Applications

Altitude and Pressure testing is indispensable for industries where safety and reliability are critical, including:

  • Aerospace: Ensuring that aircraft components can withstand conditions encountered during both normal and emergency flight operations.
  • Defense: Testing equipment that must operate reliably in various atmospheric conditions.
  • Packaging: Certifying that packaging for air freight maintains its integrity and protects its contents in unpressurized cargo holds.

Why Choose H&H for Altitude and Pressure Testing?

Choosing H&H Environmental Systems for Altitude and Pressure testing means benefiting from our state-of-the-art facilities and extensive expertise. Our ability to simulate a wide range of environmental conditions makes us a leader in the field, capable of providing comprehensive testing solutions that help ensure product performance and safety in demanding scenarios.