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Chamber Qualifications


Ensuring Environmental Accuracy

A precisely calibrated controller is just the beginning. To truly ensure that your chambers are producing the correct environmental conditions, qualification is key. At H&H Environmental Systems, we go beyond calibration to verify that each chamber accurately exposes components to specified conditions.

Advanced Qualification Techniques

We employ sophisticated methods to assess chamber performance, including:

  • Sensor Deployment: An array of sensors is strategically placed within the chamber to monitor environmental conditions.
  • Data Logging: We record extensive data to identify any areas that may be out of tolerance, ensuring no condition goes unchecked.

Detailed Testing and Reporting

Our chamber qualifications are thorough and tailored to provide deep insights:

  • Test Points: We conduct tests at up to 24 different points per condition, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Each qualification concludes with a detailed report that summarizes findings and provides actionable insights.
  • Recommendations: We offer expert advice on uniformity balancing to optimize chamber performance.

Qualification Ranges

We cater to a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring versatility across different testing needs:

  • HALT/HASS Tables: Capable of up to 500G with XYZ full spectrum analysis.
  • Humidity: Ranges from 0% to 100% RH and temperature from -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F).
  • Temperature: Extensive coverage from -200°C to 200°C (-328°F to 392°F).

Choose Precision and Reliability

Rely on H&H Environmental Systems for precise chamber qualifications. Our meticulous approach and advanced techniques ensure that your environmental chambers meet all required standards and conditions. Contact us today to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your environmental testing.