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Solar Simulation Testing


We provide advanced solar simulation testing to replicate the effects of sunlight exposure on products, ensuring they can withstand the conditions they’ll face in real-world environments.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Our solar simulation testing adheres to stringent industry standards, including ASTM E927 for solar simulators and ISO 4892-2, which specifies the methods for exposing materials to artificial light sources. This compliance guarantees that our testing processes are globally recognized and accepted, making our results both reliable and applicable across various industries.

Advanced Solar Simulation Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art solar simulator accurately mimics daily sun cycles and produces steady-state actinic effects, crucial for evaluating the photochemical deterioration caused by direct sunlight. This precise replication of solar conditions allows for thorough testing of products expected to endure prolonged sun exposure. Our equipment is fine-tuned to simulate various levels of sunlight intensity, providing a versatile platform for testing products under different seasonal scenarios or geographical locations.

Detailed Solar Simulation Test Reports

Upon completion of testing, clients receive comprehensive reports that detail the testing parameters, the environmental conditions simulated, and the effects observed on the products. These reports include photographic evidence, graphical data presentations, and a thorough analysis of how the product responded to the exposure, providing valuable insights into its durability and lifespan under solar influence.

Real-World Stressors and Industry Applications

Solar simulation testing is essential for numerous applications across various industries:

  • Automotive: Testing how car interiors and exteriors resist fading and degradation due to sunlight.
  • Consumer Goods: Ensuring that outdoor furniture and equipment can withstand years of sun exposure without losing functionality or aesthetic appeal.
  • Electronics: Evaluating how devices maintain operational integrity when subjected to the thermal and UV stresses of sunlight.

Why Choose H&H for Solar Simulation Testing?

Choosing H&H Environmental Systems for solar simulation testing ensures access to advanced testing technology that precisely replicates the comprehensive spectrum of sunlight exposure. Our expertise in combining solar effects with environmental factors like temperature and humidity offers a unique testing service that mimics real-world conditions more accurately than standard tests. This detailed approach helps manufacturers understand potential product failures before they occur, enhancing product reliability and consumer trust.