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Space Simulation Testing


At H&H Environmental Systems, we provide advanced Space Simulation testing services designed to evaluate aerospace components under the extreme conditions they will face in space. This testing is crucial for identifying potential failure modes related to offgassing, thermal management, and pressure differentials.

Advanced Space Simulation Capabilities

Our Space Simulators are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including refrigeration cold traps, liquid nitrogen cold traps, and PLC-controlled pump staging. These features allow us to achieve deeper vacuum levels and faster rates than many other available chambers. Our chambers also feature temperature-controlled mounting plates that enable precise heating and cooling through conduction, ensuring that your products are tested under accurately simulated space conditions.

Comprehensive Testing Process

Space Simulation testing at H&H involves exposing components to high and low temperatures combined with deep vacuum levels to amplify the reaction of any trapped gases. These conditions are critical for testing the robustness of aerospace components, including their ability to handle the lack of convection cooling and to maintain integrity despite significant pressure differentials across seals.

Custom Fixture Solutions

We have the expertise and equipment necessary to fixture your component for optimal thermal transfer during testing. Whether your product requires specific mounting to ensure proper heat conduction or customized positioning within the vacuum chamber, our team can provide the necessary setup to meet your testing requirements.

Detailed Space Simulation Test Reports

Upon completion of testing, clients receive detailed reports that include all test parameters, conditions, and results. These documents provide invaluable insights into how components behave in space-like environments, facilitating improvements in design and manufacturing processes to enhance overall performance and reliability.

Real-World Stressors and Industry Applications

Space Simulation testing is essential for:

  • Aerospace: Ensuring that spacecraft components can withstand the unique challenges of space, such as extreme temperature fluctuations and high vacuum conditions.
  • Defense: Testing equipment that may be deployed in space or high-altitude environments to ensure operational reliability.
  • Research and Development: Supporting new technologies and materials intended for space exploration with empirical testing data.

Why Choose H&H for Space Simulation Testing?

Opting for H&H Environmental Systems for your Space Simulation testing means choosing a partner who brings expertise, advanced technological capabilities, and a deep understanding of aerospace testing requirements. Our commitment to precision and reliability helps ensure that your aerospace components are fully prepared for the rigors of space.