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Environmental Test Chamber Repair


Restoring Performance, Ensuring Precision

Keeping an environmental test chamber operational for more than 10-15 years is not unachievable with the proper maintenance and care. We understand the importance on having reliable and dependable equipment and will get you back into operation with our environmental test chamber repair services.

At H&H, we work on any environmental chamber, no matter the make and model. From small table-top chambers to “drive-in” sized walk-ins we have the expertise to get your equipment up and running.

Avoiding Delays and Setbacks

Our goal is to minimize your company from production down-time. With any extended delay, your product’s timeline can drastically change. We want to help you get your product the market as quick as possible.

Major delays and setbacks directly result in missed revenue opportunities. Not only do you need your chamber fixed, you need it fixed quickly. We offer quick response times on onsite inspections, repairs, and calibrations.

Our years of experience guarantee the ability to deliver you solutions. Let us get your chamber back to peak performance, inspected inside and out.


RBF is a true proactive periodic preventative maintenance and repair program. This program is designed to obtain critical operational information in regards to chamber performance. This monitoring system catches problems and allows repair scheduling before they become failures.

This program greatly reduces unscheduled downtime and addresses the customer’s requirements for critical processes. A detailed service report of action items is issued after the periodic maintenance is completed and required repairs are scheduled based on a three tier priority level.

This allows the customer to address the immediate need and schedule most repairs based on their production/engineering schedule. The customer controls the downtime.

General Services Provided:

  • Preventative Maintenance: Specific programs implemented to meet customer requirements.
  • Calibrations: Programmers, Controllers, Chart Recorders, R.H. Sensors, Product Savers
  • Repairs: Temperature and Humidity Chambers, Industrial Ovens, Walk-ins & Steady-State Chambers
  • HALT/HASS Chambers: Installation, Set-up, Profile Programming, Maintenance and Repair
  • Custom Chambers: Manufactured to customer specific specifications.
  • Refrigerant Retrofits: CFC and HCFC refrigerants to environmentally safe HFC’s
  • Start-ups: New, existing, used, and relocated equipment.
  • Programmer Upgrades: Analog to PID and wet/dry bulb to solid-state conversions.
  • Instrument Installation: R.H Monitors, Air-Dryers and DI Water Systems
  • Chamber Reconditioning: Complete Equipment Overhauls and Porthole Installations