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Vibration Fixture Services


Custom Vibration Fixture Services

Proper fixturing can be just as critical as the choice of test parameters. Many times, the product needs to be mounted in its real-world orientation to see proper vibration exposure. This usually requires a custom vibration fixture. The fixture used to support the Unit Under Test (UUT) item during testing can introduce undesired dampening or resonances during vibration testing and restricted airflow during climate testing.

With a proper well thought out design, your fixture can be made to support multiple units to be tested at once. This can greatly reduce the total testing time, moving your products development timeline right along. Knowing the importance of a proper fixture to achieving valid test results, we have built a shop of the equipment, materials, and experience required to most accurately mount and test your UUT.

Vibration Fixture Materials

  • Steel: High stiffness characteristics, heavy weight concerns thus lowering max acceleration achievable, potential of resonances at higher frequencies.
  • Aluminum: Good all around material, lighter than steel, inexpensive, and easy to machine.
  • Magnesium Greater dampening at high frequencies than steel, higher material cost, and harder to machine.

Download the hole pattern for our ETS vibration table.

See the “Shaker Fixture Design” article from Vibration Research for tips on designing vibration fixtures.


We focus on the organization and accessibility of our tools in the lab. Rolling cabinets at each test station are full of color-coded sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and everything we need to assemble, mount, and test your product. Our history in chamber maintenance and repair has also built up a robust machine shop of hand tools, power tools, and consumables.


Our American-made knee mill is the perfect tool for accurate squaring of stock and placement of mounting holes. We have cabinets stocked with the mill tooling needed for any fixturing project, design adjustment, or product repair that may be between us and the completion of a successful test.

Drilling holes with a Bridgeport mill, can also be used to drilling holes for vibration fixtures.


Our lathe is packed with the power and features to get the job done. Between the 3 and 4 jaw chucks, flood cooling system, and full threading capabilities, we can make and adjust a wide variety of cylindrical and threaded components.

H&H Environmental's lathe machine to make cylindrical and threaded components for vibration fixtures.